An Obituary

This page is here to serve as an internet obituary. Every now and then someone contacts one of us asking, “Did the Penny Dreadfuls split up?”

Yes. We did.

You can read a brief letter and learn about the legacy of events we attended for 3 convention seasons by clicking here.

Thank you for the wonderful memories… and keep on steampunking!

A Photo Memorial
The Penny Dreadfuls

Fan art by Orriet

Alan Merlot, w/ Jake von Slatt’s steampunk’d computer

Dr. Hugo Rapture & Captain Jeremiah Homer-Winslow

Captain Homer-Winslow, Whisper Merlot (with Alan), Dr. Rapture, General Caled

Captain Homer-Winslow, Dr. Rapture (with Alan), General Caled, Whisper, with The Brothers McManniss Edward and Gideon of “Our Lady Most Fair”

The General, Rapture, and Cap as Ras al Ghul, The Joker, and Scarecrow

Standing: Madam Verbana (with Alan), Dr. Rapture, Baron Von Lahey, Whisper, Lucretia Dearfour, General Caled
Sitting/Kneeling: Doc West, Captain Homer-Winslow

General Caled, Whisper Merlot, Captain Homer-Winsow, Dr. Rapture, with Page Street Productions

“The Penny Dead-fuls”

Dr. Rapture, Captain Homer-Winslow, Doc West

Back Row: Captain Homer-Winslow, Lucretia, General Caled, Doc West
Front Row: Dr. Rapture, Alan, Whisper

Left Group Standing: Dr. Rapture, Baron Von Lahey Kneeling: Captain Homer-Winslow
Right Ground Back: Doc West Front: Whisper with Alan, Madam Verbana

Captain Homer-Winslow, Whisper, Alan, Dr. Rapture

Standing: General Caled, Madam Verbana, Captain Homer-Winslow, with Baron Andrew von Fogel
Kneeling: Whisper

Baron Von Lahey, Captain Homer-Winslow

Captain Homer-Winslow, Whisper Merlot, Dr. Rapture with Alan, General Caled, Lucretia Dearfour

Whisper Merlot, Dr. Rapture, General Caled, Lucretia Dearfour, Captain Homer-Winslow

Lucretia Dearfour, Alan Merlot (show on table), Whisper Merlot, Captain Homer-Winslow, Prof. Ulysses Marvel, General Caled