Legacy Events

    At this time, after 3 convention seasons of mad-cap adventures, The Penny Dreadfuls have disbanded. We were all very proud to have been THE PREMIERE Steampunk Sky-Pirates of New England and her subculture conventions network. There were so many stories left untold, so many lives left untouched… in some cases, I think it’s for the best that there was no extra touching going on! Oh my! ;)

    Thanks every one who has helped make cons fantastic! Staff, crew, security, den mothers, other guests and panelists, and of course you wonderful, energetic, curious attendees!

    The Dreadfuls will be missed; and we will miss all of you. But you can keep on steampunkin’ on your own! Don’t give up the ghost, dear Dreadites: you are more awesome than you might realize… so go out there and find your passion! And when you do? Hold it tight, tell it you love it, and never let go.

    ~The Penny Dreadfuls of the Sky-Ship Icarus


~Legacy Events~

PortCon Maine 2008, 2009, 2010
ConnectiCon 2008, 2009
Another Anime Con 2008, 2009
BakuretsuCon 2008, 2009, 2010
Arisia 2009
TempleCon 2009, 2010
I-CON 28-29 2009, 2010
Nexus Faire I 2009
Anime Boston 2009, 2010
Midsummer Magick Faire 2009
4Pi-Con 2009
New England Fan Experience 2009
CLOCKWORK/The Big Brass Ball I, II, III, IV, VI
Wicked Faire 2010
KamikazeCon 2010
The Steampunk World’s Fair 2010

Do you run a convention or event? Think it needs more steampunk, as obviously it does? Contact ssicarus@yahoo.com! We might not be together, but we can always point folks at those who are still creating in the steampunk scene.

Love and gears to you all!